Walmart Plus, Walmart’s Amazon Prime competitor, is available now for $98 a year – here’s what the subscription delivers

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  • Walmart+, the company's Amazon Prime competitor, has launched at last on September 15. 
  • The annual Walmart+ subscription price costs $98 per year compared to Amazon's $119 per year Prime subscription. You can also pay $12.95 per month.
  • The service includes same-day delivery of over 160,000 in-store items like groceries and general merchandise, a Scan & Go feature that lets you pay for items with the Walmart mobile app while you shop at physical Walmart stores, as well as a five-cent discount on fuel at Walmart and Murphy gas stations.
  • Read everything you need to know about the Walmart+ shopping subscription service here and see how Walmart+ vs. Amazon Prime shakes out on launch day.

Amazon Prime has officially met its first true challenger in Walmart+, the premium retail subscription from the nation's largest brick-and-mortar retailer. Walmart+ has launched on September 15 with a price of $98 per year, or $12.95 per month.

For those keeping score, that's more than $20 cheaper than the cost of Amazon Prime, but the Walmart+ launch comes at a time when about 150 million people worldwide are already subscribed to Amazon's service.

So, if you came to learn all about the price for Walmart+ and what you get for the money, let's break it down to give as thorough an answer as we possibly can right now.

Updated on 09/15/2020 by Joe Osborne: Added brand-new language to reflect that Walmart Plus is officially live as of September 15. Checked all links and facts for accuracy.

Walmart Plus price
walmart plus free delivery

Walmart+ costs a flat fee of $98 per year.

Alternatively, members can opt for a monthly service that costs $12.95 per month. Both the annual and monthly plans include a 15-day free trial period.

As a quick comparison, Amazon's Prime costs $119 per year, with a monthly option that also costs $12.99 per year.

What you get with Walmart Plus
walmart plus scan and go

Services like Walmart+ essentially live on the additional perks and features that they offer.

For instance, Amazon Prime includes access to its unlimited video and music streaming services, as well as a litany of exclusive daily deals. So, what does the $98 annual fee for Walmart+ include?

  • "Free delivery as fast as same-day" on over 160,000 in-store items like groceries, everyday essentials like toothpaste and toilet paper, general merchandise, and some toys and electronics. This was previously known as Walmart's "Delivery Unlimited" subscription service that enabled unlimited deliveries for a yearly or monthly fee. Current Delivery Unlimited members will automatically become Walmart+ members.
  • Five-cent discounts on fuel at Walmart, Murphy USA, and Murphy Express gas stations.
  • A Scan & Go automated checkout service for in-store shopping. The feature works from the Walmart app, and it lets you scan and pay for items with Walmart Pay while you're shopping at a physical store. It makes for "a quick, easy, and touch-free payment experience," the company said. 


Walmart Plus vs. Amazon Prime
Walmart Grocery
Walmart Grocery

How does Walmart Plus stack up against Amazon Prime right now? We break it down in our comparison.

Walmart+ is in its infancy, and while it offers a good value-driven set of features at launch, it doesn't offer as much as Amazon's Prime just yet. With that said, Walmart said "the list of benefits will continue to grow over time."

Walmart hasn't said what those extra benefits will be, but there have been murmurs of features, like early access to product deals, access to Walmart's Express two-hour delivery offering, a Walmart+-branded credit card, and even Walmart's own video streaming service, according to Recode.


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