VCs warn of a glut of cancer startups


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First, some overnight breaking news: The Biden administration has a plan to get vaccinated people a coronavirus booster shot about eight months after they got their second shot, The New York Times, AP, and Washington Post reported Monday night.

That could mean some people get boosters as soon as September.

cancer research
A scientist lowers biological samples into a liquid nitrogen storage tank at the Cancer Research UK Cambridge Institute.

Top VCs warn there's a glut of cancer-treatment startups, and lackluster drugs risk bogging down the field

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Iceland is proof that COVID-19 vaccines work, a leading US expert said. Infections are at record highs, but the nation hasn't recorded a single virus death since May.

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Todd Park
Devoted Health co-founder and executive chairman Todd Park.

Health insurance upstart Devoted Health more than doubled its revenue and membership in the first half of 2021

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