The National Guard deployed an immediate reaction force after someone rammed police officers with a car at the Capitol

National Guard presence around the Capitol after a suspect rammed a police checkpoint
National Guard troops around the Capitol on Friday after a person rammed a police checkpoint.
  • The National Guard sent an immediate reaction force to bolster security at the Capitol on Friday.
  • A person rammed a car into a police checkpoint. The suspect and a police officer have died.
  • The Guard's presence in Washington, DC, has been elevated since the riot earlier this year.
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The National Guard deployed an immediate reaction force to the US Capitol on Friday afternoon after someone rammed a car into a police checkpoint.

National Guard troops near the Capitol
National Guard troops near the Capitol.

The IRF consisted of soldiers and airmen ready to support the Capitol Police, the Guard said in a statement, adding that "due to operational security, we cannot discuss further details regarding the IRF."

Guard troops were lined up around the perimeter of the Capitol and were wearing face shields and carrying riot shields. Some appeared to have sidearms; however, most wielded batons in addition to the shields.

National Guard troops deployed near the Capitol
National Guard troops deployed near the Capitol.

The Capitol Police said on Friday afternoon that the person had "rammed a vehicle into two USCP officers."

Authorities said that the suspect had gotten out of the car with a knife and was shot and killed. One Capitol Police officer died of injuries sustained during the attack, and another was hospitalized.

Videos captured National Guard troops responding to the incident at the Capitol.

The National Guard said in its statement that more than 2,300 Guard members were in Washington, DC, supporting local, state, and federal authorities.

The National Guard presence is significantly smaller than the more than 25,000 members who were deployed following the riot at the Capitol complex on January 6 and amid the heightened security around President Joe Biden's inauguration.

national guard capitol
Members of Virginia's National Guard walk by the Capitol on January 17.

There have been allegations that the Pentagon dragged its feet with the National Guard response to the riot, delaying a necessary call to action by three hours.

While the Guard presence has diminished since January, it remains elevated because of persistent security concerns.

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