The best men’s workout clothes

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  • It's important to be comfortable while working out and that starts with making sure you're wearing the correct apparel. 
  • Whether it's a pair of shorts designed for runners or a specific fabric that reduces odor, there's a variety of workout clothing fit for anyone's lifestyle or fitness preference. 
  • We've rounded up a collection of the best workout clothes for men, with gear from brands like Vuori, Rhone, and Janji. 

Working out in the right attire makes a world of difference. Though a simple pair of shorts and a sweat-wicking shirt may not seem like a world-beating combination, they are far better than some ratty pair of gym shorts and a cotton tee from your dresser. Put plainly, your workouts benefit from you feeling comfortable. 

And just because a workout kit performs well, doesn't mean it can't also look the part. As brands continue to innovate fit and function, they've kept an eye on design, too. Many of today's best workout apparel brands offer clothing that's not just meant to sweat in but something you'd put on for hanging around the house or running errands. 

Your exercise regimen isn't one-dimensional, so why should your clothes be any different?

How to shop for workout clothes

The new wave of men's workout gear wants to help you perform your best by keeping you cool and comfortable. And while your gym clothes certainly ought to be ready for even the most strenuous of activities, they also need to be presentable enough for you to wear outside of your workout environment.

When determining the kind of workout gear you need to accommodate your lifestyle, consider the type of exercise you do most often. Clothing is just another tool to help or hinder you, so be sure you're buying the right gear for the right activity.

A piece of clothing's ability to withstand cycles in the washing machine is also a key quality. You'll likely be sweating through these clothes a lot and (hopefully) putting them in the laundry quite often. If you're buying flimsily made clothing, you'll have to replace them much more often.

You'll also want to consider how multi-purpose you need your gear to be. Are you only going to wear those joggers to the gym, or are they also for lounging around? Is that long sleeve tee just as good for your run as it is for running errands on the weekend?

Today's active gear ought to double as gear for an active lifestyle, so be sure that whatever you're buying is capable of as many reps as you are. That said, regardless of what workout gear you choose from the following options, you'll be in good hands.

Here are the best men's workout clothes:

  • Best workout gear overall: Vuori
  • Best workout gear for runners: Janji
  • Best budget workout gear: MPG
  • Best workout gear for dispelling odors: Rhone
  • Best workout gear for cross-training: Ten Thousand
  • Best workout gear for comfort: Olivers

Updated on 9/15/2020 by Rick Stella: Added Ten Thousand as the pick for best workout gear for cross-training, updated the section on how to shop for workout clothes, checked the availability of each recommended brand, and updated the prices and links where necessary. 

The best workout gear overall
Vuori workout clothes

Vuori's clothing is both lightweight and comfortable, which makes it a breeze to work out inside or outside during summer.

It's obvious the Encinitas, California-based Vuori takes its inspiration from the beach. The workout gear from this company may just make you think you're on the West Coast, with its comfortable, lightweight fit. 

In particular, we loved the Trail Short, the lightest weight all-purpose pair of shorts from Vuori. The shorts have an elastic waist, supportive Coolmax anti-odor liner, and an athletic fit. The shorts also come with front pockets and a back zip pocket, as well as an iPhone holder in the liner.

Also beloved in the Vuori line is the Tradewind Performance shirt and the company's perennially popular joggers. The Tradewind Tee is the company's most technical in the lineup, featuring micro-perforation for ventilation, flatlock seams, and a front chest pocket. The shirt promises to wick moisture and dry quickly, making it perfect for a run, a hot yoga session, or anything in between.

Pros: Supreme comfort, quick-drying material, great for a wide variety of workouts

Cons: Some customers found that the shorts could be a bit restrictive due to narrow leg holes


The best workout gear for runners

Janji's running gear is functional, comfortable, and built to hold up no matter if you're doing a casual 5K or training for a marathon.

Attaching superlative terms to workout gear often comes down to personal preference (and moderate exaggeration) but in the case of Janji, and the brand's extremely high quality running clothes, calling it the best isn't an overstatement — it legitimately makes some of the finest gear on the market. From running shorts and caps to tees, tanks, and weather-resistant tops, Janji covers the running basics in its own signature style. 

Some highlights are its 2-in-1 Traverse Short which comes with a built-in liner for extra coverage, four strategically located stash pockets for keys or cash, and a fast-drying, moisture-wicking fabric. They're functional enough for trail runs, neighborhood jobs, or even race day. 

Its AFO Singlet is also a great choice for summer runners as it's lightweight enough to keep you cool yet still protective. The singlet is also made using fast-drying, moisture-wicking fabric and features a four-way stretch to always move how you move. 

We've been running in Janji gear for some time now and keep coming back to it no matter the season. Its shorts are extremely comfortable, no matter how many miles you intend to run, and its tops and caps keep you protected and cool. The brand's selection of fun prints is a nice added touch, too. 

Pros: High-quality apparel for runners, most pieces feature quick-drying, moisture-wicking fabric, and are extremely comfortable

Cons: Can be spendy depending on the piece


The best budget workout gear
MPG workout clothes

MPG Sport understands that working out shouldn't cost you an arm and a leg, and is creating gear that helps you live a financially responsible lifestyle.

Your gym membership is expensive enough, so your gym clothes don't have to be. Luckily, MPG Sport agrees. Short for Mondetta Performance Gear, MPG offers a wide range of clothing and workout gear that won't break the bank. 

Take, for instance, the Defender Performance Cashmere Shirt. This shirt feels like luxury without the luxury price tag. But it's not just the softness of the shirt that's important — It's the benefits it gives you during your workout.

The mix of Tencel, a recyclable and environmentally-friendly material derived from wood pulp, and cashmere helps you adapt to different temperatures. That means that you'll be warm in the winter but remain cool and dry in the summer. Plus, with colors like Port and Navy Sky, this shirt can transition well from the gym to just about anywhere else.

Also noteworthy is the Premier 1/4 Zip Stink-Free Seamless Pullover, which is made from NILIT fibers to protect against bacteria build-up and sweat stench. Well-fitted and nicely tailored, this was another piece that looks great. And the best part? It's on sale for $24.

If you're looking for shorts or pants, MPG has you covered as well. The Hype 3.0 Essential 7-inch Short promises plenty of flexibility as well as moisture-wicking properties. Alternatively, if you need something a bit longer, you might consider the Industry Essential Fleece Joggers, which are surprisingly warm given how light they are.

Pros: Affordable prices, wide selection of products, fabric that is soft yet ready for a hard workout

Cons: The sheer amount of product might be overwhelming for someone shopping online


The best workout gear for dispelling odors

It's all about the GoldFusion technology with Rhone, which makes good on its promise to keep you stink-free.

Back in 2016, Rhone managed to raise nearly $113,000 to bring its GoldFusion technology to its line of activewear. And now, that proprietary formula can be found in a wide range of activewear.

Rhone has long been one of our favorite makers of men's workout gear. Much of it is indeed due to the company's GoldFusion technology, a proprietary, eco-friendly fabric treatment that leverages real gold particles to help fabrics dry up to three times faster. In addition, it's UV protective and promises to permanently control odor.

Two new additions to the Rhone GoldFusion line include the 7-inch Swift Lined short and the Swift Tank. The shorts, meant for running, feature a perforated venting system for cooling, as well as two side zipper pockets to hold essentials during a jog. Plus, a soft performance liner promises exceptional fit. As for the Swift Tank, this workout shirt features a quick-drying, odor-repelling perforated fabric that keeps you cool as you break a sweat. 

Of course, Rhone also has pieces that don't necessarily have precious metals embedded into them but are no less effective at getting the job done. Take, for instance, the new Mako Unlined short. Available in both 7- and 9-inch lengths, this short is made of lightweight, four-way stretch fabric with plenty of pockets so you can wear them at the gym or anywhere else, too.

Pros: Stink-free technology, comfortable fabric, and great fit  

Cons: Some reviewers note that the shirts can be a bit longer than anticipated


The best workout gear for cross-training

So many fitness brands say their apparel is "tested by athletes" but Ten Thousand backs it up with a large roster of athletes located all over the country that put its gear through everything from yoga and HIIT to Crossfit and powerlifting. 

To say Ten Thousand puts its workout clothes through its paces is an understatement — the brand quite literally pushes its gear to the limit by throwing it on wear-testers that do just about any form of exercise imaginable. There's HIIT and powerlifting, strength training and functional fitness, and, of course, running. They even throw a little yoga in the mix to show off its comfort and versatility. 

But just because there's a large variety in the types of workouts the gear can handle doesn't mean there's page after page of a specific short or top fit for an exact routine. Quite the opposite, actually, and simplicity in what it offers is what makes Ten Thousand even more appealing.

There are five different shorts, two tees, one tank top, a quarter-zip long sleeve shirt, a base layer and compression short, one pair of pants, and a no-show and crew cut sock — as well as a Ten Thousand mesh hat and insulated water bottle to round out the collection. After spending many a workout decked out in the gear, the performance of each piece is as impressive as its field testing. 

No matter what I chose to do, the apparel felt comfortable and functional, and was always fit to hold up to whatever I threw at it. Maybe I'd be out for a 20-mile bike ride after doing a resistance band workout in my apartment. Perhaps it was a 45-minute yoga session followed by a quick jog around my neighborhood. Regardless of what it was, the gear held up and never felt out of place.

Even the prices aren't shocking to stomach. The shorts range from $58 on up to $72 while the tees are in the $50 range (which is what you should expect to pay for premium workout apparel). My favorite pieces are the lightweight Distance Shirt that held up well during particularly sweaty workouts (thanks to humid NYC summers) and the Tactical Short that performed just as well on a run as it did while I was on my bike or lifting weights. -- Rick Stella

Pros: Lightweight, comfortable workout gear that's built for a wide range of workouts and use cases

Cons: Pockets can be too small to hold much else besides keys or credit cards, sizing in the shirt can run small

The best workout gear for comfort
olivers workout clothes for men

Workout clothes don't have to feel like workout clothes and that's why Olivers created some of its gear with merino wool.

Merino wool is unlikely to be the first material that comes to mind when you think of workout gear but that's just the sort of innovative thinking that makes Olivers' clothes so comfortable. The highly breathable gear from Olivers is so comfortable, you may never want to take it off.

While Olivers' first well-known article of clothing was the All Over Short, the brand has proven it's capable of creating a wide range of comfortable, functional gear. The Terminal Tech Tee is a particular favorite of the Business Insider team, too. This merino tech mesh tee not only keeps you cool and dry but it also fits well. As Insider Reviews' Amir Ismael noted, "the Terminal Tech Tee..fits exactly as a T-shirt should."

While you can certainly work out in the naturally odor-resistant shirt, it's also just as appropriate for a day full of errands or a casual date night.

Oh, and by the way, Olivers promises your clothes will last for at least a year with its Olivers guarantee. The company will replace or repair any product "with a fault outside of normal wear and tear for up to 12 months" after your initial purchase.

Pros: Superior comfort, great fit, great style without being ostentatious

Cons: Some reviewers noted that the sizing could be a bit different from the website's suggestions.


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