The $18,632 electric eBussy can turn into 10 different vehicles by using different modular attachments – see how

eBussy offroad in motion 001
The eBussy offroad.
  • Germany-based Electric Brands has unveiled the eBussy, an electric modular bus that can come in 10 different body forms.
  • The eBussy comes in two chassis: "standard" and "offroad".
  • Its modularity allows the vehicle to be used with different bodies, such as a camper, dump truck, bus, or various types of pickup trucks.
  • The eBussy starts at around $18,632 and will be available in 2021.
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Electric Brands has unveiled the eBussy, an electric vehicle that can come in various forms - including a bus, camper van, and pickup truck - by using modular attachments.

According to the Germany-based company's website, the eBussy's design is centered around the "Lego principle" by using a series of chassis attachments to create a multi-use vehicle.

Unlike other makers in, or newcomers to, the electric vehicle market, Electric Brands isn't a veteran automaker or a new car-focused startup. According to the company's website, the idea for the Lego-like vehicle came in late 2018 after the team decided to expand from its original product line of electric scooters, of which it currently has two. Now, the company is set to unveil the eBussy in 2021.

The eBussy starts with one of two chassis options: the "standard" and the "offroad". From there, customers can select one of 10 body styles that best fits their needs, whether it be a camper van, dump truck, pickup truck, or bus.

The all-wheel-drive eBussy is then powered by two battery compartments. Each vehicle comes with eight removable lithium ion battery packs, providing 10 kilowatt-hours of power. However, the pack can be upgraded to 24 batteries that then provides 30 kilowatt-hours for those who want an extended range.

The vehicle's solar panels and electric motors with an energy recuperation system gives the eBussy a range of up to 124 miles daily with the pack of eight batteries.
The eBussy batteries.
The eBussy's range - without a charge but with full batteries and solar panel use - can then be extended to over 373 miles daily with the 24-battery pack …
electricbrands hero
The eBussy.
… although the company says the eBussy can achieve a maximum range of 497 miles.
The eBussy standard Pickup.

Source: Electric Brands

However, the range estimate decreases if the vehicle has a heavy load.
The eBussy Offroad Suitcase.
The eBussy platform can reach up to 56 mph.
The eBussy standard Dump Truck.
It also has around 738 foot-pounds of torque ...
The eBussy standard Suitcase.
... and is about 12 feet long, 5.4 feet wide, and between 6.2 to 6.7 feet tall.
The eBussy standard Transporter.
There are 10 different variants that the eBussy can transform into, both on the standard and offroad chassis.
The eBussy standard
This includes the "bus", which has the rear cabin and trunk modules, giving it a price of $23,080 with the standard chassis, or $25,436 with the offroad chassis.
The eBussy standard Bus.
There's also a dump truck variant with a middle module that can tip back, a platform, and side flaps, all for $26,260 on the standard chassis, or $28,616 as an off-roader.
The eBussy standard Dump Truck.
The eBussy can also transform into transporter builds and several pickup truck variations, including one with a convertible roof.
The eBussy Offroad Kombi Pickup.
However, the build option that differs the most from the other nine modules is the camper, eBussy's entrance into the ever-popular camper van segment.
The eBussy Offroad Camper.
The camper comes with a refrigerator, television, seating area that can convert into a bed, freshwater tank, and sink, similar to many campers currently available in the market.
The eBussy Offroad Camper.
This camper variant is listed at $33,946 on both the standard and offroad chassis options.
The eBussy Offroad Camper.
Depending on the module being used, the vehicle has a loading volume of up to 187-cubic feet.
The eBussy standard Transporter.
eBussy also has an empty weight between 992 to 1,323 pounds but can support over double of its weight with a load up to 2,204.6 pounds.
The eBussy standard Suitcase.
One of its most unique features is the steering wheel, which can shift locations across the dashboard from left to right by using its drive by wire system, according to a YouTube video posted by Electric Brands about the eBussy.
The eBussy standard Bus.

Source: YouTube 


The interior seating comes in two styles: stand-alone or bench seating.
The eBussy Offroad Pickup.
And according to Electric Brands, the exterior mirrors are digital.
The eBussy standard Basis.

Source: Electric Brands

The company is also planning to create battery-switching stations that allow eBussy owners to repower the vehicle's battery packs, although the eBussy can also be charged at home.
The eBussy battery station.
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