The 13 best places to buy Christmas ornaments in 2021

Image of MoMA women leader ornaments and LED trees for best holiday ornaments 2021

Christmas trees can look like a collage of memories, with homemade ornaments from your kids or your own childhood attempts at cotton ball snowmen. As special as these are, it can be hard to fill a whole tree with them. Adding in some stars, balls, and other staples can really make the unique items stand out.

Whether you love the hodgepodge look or are aiming for synchronicity and color coordination, the ornaments you choose will contribute to the style of your tree. Some stores really excel at limiting their options to items that all go together. Others have a little bit of everything, so you can pick and choose what you want.

With supply-chain issues threatening to make many holiday purchases difficult, we recommend getting an early start on purchasing ornaments and other decorations.

Here are the best places to buy ornaments:

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Image of a christmas tree decorated with a Target ornament kit for best holiday ornaments 2021

Target has a wide selection of affordable ornaments for all sorts of styles.

When it comes to sheer volume, it's hard to beat the selection of ornaments at Target. Whether you need well-dressed sheep for your "baa" humbug tree, a glitter-adorned elephant, a martini glass, or a tiny donut, Target has it all. 

While individual ornaments are great, sets of multicolor or monochrome glass balls help fill in the gaps. One of Target's 40-count sets or 85-piece ornament kits can also save some money, as well as guide the look and feel of your tree. If you're shopping online, coordinating is even easier. You can search by characters — including "Frozen" and  Star Wars — as well as by theme or color.

Worth a look:

Glass Christmas Tree Ornament Truck & Station Wagon (set of 2) (small)Dragon Christmas Tree Ornament (small)40-Count Christmas Ornament Set (small) West Elm
image of Shiny Brite ornaments from West Elm for best holiday ornaments 2021

If you know and love West Elm's style, its ornaments will fit right into your home. 

Many of West Elm's items feel designed for a certain Pinterest-y milieu. There are plenty of monochromatic ornaments in a variety of styles to mix and match while retaining a unified feel. There are also some other vintage-inspired items that offer a bit of unexpected flair. 

To keep your tree from looking like everyone else's in the neighborhood, West Elm has some fun and funky options, too. From a glass shark to a cozy giraffe, you can mix in a little whimsy to a tree otherwise packed with traditional staples. 

Prices do tend to be a little higher than other retailers on the list and the selection isn't massive, but if you're trying to put together a photogenic tree, you can easily do so from what West Elm has on offer.

Worth a look:

Soft Multi Glass Ball Ornaments (small)Bottlebrush Spa Animals Ornaments (small)Blown Glass Building Ornaments (small) World Market
Image of a hot chocolate ornament from world market for best holiday ornaments 2021

You might come to Cost Plus World Market for the kitsch, but there's plenty else to catch your eye, too.

 The ornaments at World Market live up to the retailer's name; you'll find paper globes and Swedish horses. In addition, there's a good variety of other options, many of which can add a dash of quirkiness to your trimmings. There is also a skiing avocado, Santa riding a scooter, and an everything bagel. There's also a yeti in a gondola. Try finding that anywhere else! 

On the tamer side, there are also star, nutcracker, bell, and ball ornaments to choose from. Though the prices are fairly reasonable, this probably isn't the place to stock up on the traditional balls and baubles you can buy in bulk elsewhere.

Worth a look:

Fleece Llama Ornaments (small)Glass Zodiac Constellation Ornament (small)Rainbow Paper Dinosaur Ornaments (set of 4) (small) Bed Bath & Beyond
Image of Swarovski ornaments from bed bath and beyond for best holiday ornaments 2021

Bed Bath & Beyond is one of the best places to find collectible Christmas ornaments from Waterford, Swarovski, and more. 

Bed Bath & Beyond covers the gamut when it comes to Christmas ornaments. It has many items you can personalize, including animal, graduation, profession, and wedding options. 

Bed Bath & Beyond also sells collectible ornaments from Waterford, Lenox, Swarovski, Wedgwood, and Spode. Many of these are made of crystal, china, or other fragile material, so they're not at all toddler- or pet-friendly.

These collectible options have a sophisticated aesthetic, but you'll need a fairly hefty decoration budget to turn your entire tree into a Waterford wonderland.

Worth a look:

Lismore 3.35-Inch Crystal Bell Ornament (Cranberry) (small)Wreath Christmas Ornament (small)Figural Present Christmas Ornament (small) Etsy
image of unicorn ornaments from etsy for best holiday ornaments 2021

Etsy is the best place to find specialty and one-of-a-kind ornaments.

Etsy is the home of crafty connoisseurs who want to share their wares with the world. If you're on the lookout for something extremely specific or unique, this is the place to start.

While it's fairly easy to find Disney ornaments at various retailers, it's a little rarer to find something from, say, "Schitt's Creek." Etsy has you covered, bébé. If you love where you live, pick up a Michigan-shaped Petoskey stone or Chicago Bean. Find the perfect addition to your unicorn tree. Memorialize 2021 "Friends" style.

Each seller on Etsy will vary on shipping costs and length, so you'll want to give your items plenty of time to arrive. 

Worth a look:

Giraffe Christmas Ornament (small)Norwegian Rosemaled Santa Ornament (small)Personalized Hedgehog Geometric Ornament (small) Michaels
Image of pink Christmas tree covered in ornaments from Michaels for best holiday ornaments 2021

In addition to the yarn and felt you'll need for classic homemade ornaments, Michaels also offers some other ways to get creative.  

Almost every craft store has everything you need for do-it-yourself decorations, but Michaels online site has everything nicely organized, so it's easy to find. It has a whole section dedicated to holiday crafting. Even the classiest Christmas tree could use a heartwarming touch provided by some homemade crafts. Cut out a felt snowman. Make a popsicle stick sled. Twist pipe cleaners into candy canes.

If your craft skills are more Regretsy than polished, Michaels also offers some approachably customizable options. There are wood-cut and ceramic ornaments you can color however you wish. Fill some clear, plastic balls with glitter or beads or put stickers all over the outside. No matter which route you decide to go, they're sure to be some of your favorite ornaments.

Worth a look:

Wood Craft Sticks (small)6-Count 80mm Clear Plastic Ball Ornaments (small)Animals Color-In Wood Ornaments (small) MoMA Design Store
Image of Moma empire state building ornament for best holiday ornaments 2021

For sophisticated and unique tree ornaments, the MoMA design store should be top of your list. 

You don't have to live in New York to visit the Museum of Modern Art's gift shop. In addition to automated coffee makers and digital pianos, you'll find some lovely Christmas tree ornaments. Its LED options are stellar. Brighten up your tree with some flameless candles or add some dazzling, iridescent diamonds

As you might expect, there are a plethora of artists you can affix to your tree. If Frida Kahlo is your favorite, she comes solo or in a set with Salvador Dalí, Andy Warhol, and Vincent Van Gogh.

Worth a look:

Modern Women Ornaments Set (small)Glass Polar Bear Globe Holiday Ornament (small)White Iridescent Honeycomb Holiday Ornaments (set of 6) (small) PBS
image of a Pierogi ornament from PBS on a tree for best holiday ornaments 2021

Pick up some ornaments from PBS and support public television at the same time.

PBS has been home to many iconic shows, from "Downton Abbey" to "Sherlock." Items in the online store support its programming. PBS's holiday ornaments range from traditional wood ones to some niche options. You can purchase an "It's a Wonderful Life" bell, for example. 

There are a few famous people available to decorate your tree, include Jane Austen, Queen Elizabeth, and Alexander Hamilton. If you do decide to opt for Her Royal Highness, adding some teacups and saucers wouldn't be out of place.

Worth a look:

Bride's Tree Glass Ornaments (small)Starry Night Glass Orb Ornament (small)Peas on Earth Ornament (small) Hallmark
Image of a cloche bell ornament from Hallmark best holiday ornaments 2021

With a mix of traditional and pop culture ornaments, Hallmark proves it's more than a greeting card store. 

Hallmark has been rolling out its keepsake ornaments since the 1970s. They started as glass balls and yarn, but now they're much more elaborate. There's a very realistic version of Eleven from "Stranger Things." Add some danger with a "Jaws" ornament. Or you can purchase your own Han Solo

If 2021 marks a big milestone, you can commemorate the good parts of the year with personalized baby shoes, wedding cake, or house key ornaments. If you're not sure where to start, Hallmark's online shop lets you filter by recipient, character, theme, and collection.

Worth a look:

Our First Christmas Cloche 2021 Ornament (small)Black Father Christmas Ornament (small)Video Game Controller Ornament (small) Crate & Barrel
Image of several christmas ornaments from crate & barrel grouped around a branch for best holiday ornaments 2021

Peruse Crate & Barrel for stylish, geometric ornaments, as well as some adorable animals. 

Crate & Barrel is definitely trying to set a certain tone with its ornament selection. Many of the colors are muted and the shapes are simple. If you're trying to find something for your all-purple tree, for example, you might have a hard time. But there's a lot to like in its collection. 

There are boxes of balls in shiny metallics and greens and blues. You can choose from stars galore, in several styles. The animal ornaments are also cute. The crochet dog, ceramic polar bear, alpaca wool whale, and sloth on a branch are just a few of the options.

Worth a look:

Rizzo Textured Ball Christmas Ornaments (set of 6) (small)Ceramic Light-Up House Christmas Ornament (small)Alpaca Turtle with Hat Christmas Ornament (small) Nordstrom
Image of mother and daughter in front of tree with Nordstrom ornaments for best holiday ornaments 2021

For food-themed trees, Nordstrom's glass ornaments are the perfect fit. 

Nordstrom may not be the first place you think of when it's time to shop for Christmas tree ornaments. But the department store has a respectable selection to choose from, especially if you love tiny food — including mini cheese puffs.

You can pay homage to a bevy of alcoholic drinks, too: beer, champagne, and wine. Just don't put the roasted pig next to the jolly pig; that would be too morbid. Toss on a cheese board, and your tree will look good enough to eat.

Worth a look:

Radish Ornament (small)Stiletto Bootie Ornament (small)Greenhouse Glass Ornament (small) Container Store
Image of four ornament boxes from the container store for best holiday ornaments 2021

The Container Store can help keep your breakable ornaments safe when it's time to take the tree down.

While the Container Store doesn't have a vast array of ornaments, they do have some fun ones, including a narwhal, cacti, and pickles. It's also one of the few places we found a Hanukkah ornament: Tie a Star of David on your Hanukkah bush or interfaith household's tree, if you're so inclined. 

Another great reason to visit the store's site is its myriad ways to store your ornaments when January arrives. In addition to large plastic bins for tree storage, the Container Store also sells special boxes for ornaments and reels for winding up Christmas lights, so next year you won't have to untangle them.

Worth a look:

Narwhal Tie-On Ornament (small)Colorful Cactus Tie-On Ornament (small)Drop-in Bins (small) Antique Farmhouse
Image of mercury glass garland from antique farmhouse draped near deer statues for best holiday ornaments 2021

For a rustic Christmas tree, look no further than Antique Farmhouse.

Antique Farmhouse helpfully arranges its decor by style, from modern farmhouse to shabby chic to French country to rustic

As you might expect, jute, wooden, and metal ornaments are all on display. The laser-cut wooden ornaments, mercury glass balls, and glittery sea turtle all caught our eye, as well. Many items are already sold out, so don't wait if you see something you love.

Worth a look:

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