SCOTT GALLOWAY: It’s only a matter of time before colleges have to close again — and reopening in the first place was little more than a money grab

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Galloway believes schools that reopened are the new superspreaders.
  • Scott Galloway is a bestselling author and professor of marketing at NYU Stern.
  • The following is his recent blog post and video, republished with permission. It originally ran on his blog, "No Mercy / No Malice."
  • Galloway says that colleges reopening for in-person classes this fall will become the new superspreaders of the coronavirus.
  • Only weeks into the semester, he says it's not a matter of if these universities will have to close, but when.
  • He says some colleges' insistence on reopening, knowing that they'll have to shut down before long and send students back home all around the country, is little more than a money grab.
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Spent much of the week thinking and writing about Palantir. But my thoughts kept turning to higher ed and teaching. Next Tuesday, 9/22, my brand strategy course at NYU Stern (280 students) kicks off. This Tuesday, 9/15, our Section4 Brand Sprint (500 participants) also begins. Both courses will be all remote. A cast of dozens — tech, course design, creative — are working not just to replace, but to best the traditional higher ed experience.

Scott Galloway
Scott Galloway.

I believe when we look back on this crisis, the decision to reopen campuses, instead of conducting all classes remotely, will reflect poorly on university leadership. Dr. Fauci said this week that superspreaders aren't individuals (singers), but environments (choir). I believe universities that reopened their campuses are the superspreaders of this phase of the pandemic. They need to close — it's not if but when.

I had difficulty capturing the right tone in writing — judgmental, profane (i.e., me), so I grabbed my iPhone.

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