Planning document reveals that Astroworld staff were ordered not to talk to the press

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Traffic on Main Street passes by a sign announcing the cancellation of Astroworld the day after at least eight died and scored were injured during a concert by rapper Travis Scott at his two day event, held at NRG Park Saturday, Nov. 6, 2021, in Houston.
  • A 56-page planning document for the Astroworld festival was obtained by CNN.
  • The document, from festival organizer Scoremore, contains instructions for staff.
  • At least eight people were killed at the event in Houston, Texas.

Staff working the Astroworld music festival in Houston were instructed to never speak with a member of the press, according to a planning document that was leaked Tuesday.

From festival organizer Scoremore, the draft document, obtained by CNN, lays out how workers are to respond to various scenarios that could come up, including if "any staff [should] be approached by press regarding information about the event."

In that case, all inquiries should be referred to an unnamed employee, according to the document.

Screenshot from planning document.
The 56-page planning guide described scenarios that could come up at the festival.

"Staff should note that the press may approach them either while on duty or off," the planning document continues. "At no time should any member of the Event staff give comments, quotes, information, or unapproved access to any member of the press."

The same planning document also instructed staff to, in the event of fatalities at the concert, refer to dead attendees as "smurfs" over the radio.

At least eight people were killed last Friday during a stampede at the festival, which was headlined by musician Travis Scott. Hundreds more were injured in what one attendee described as a "fight for survival."

Live Nation and Scoremore could not immediately be reached for comment.

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