How to update your Amazon Firestick

An Amazon Fire TV Stick.
You should your Firestick updated, just like any other device.
  • You can update your Amazon Firestick through the Settings menu.
  • Your Firestick should be checking for updates every day, but the Settings menu lets you update it manually.
  • Keeping your Firestick updated is important for keeping your data secure and receiving new features.
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The Amazon Fire TV Stick (also known as the Firestick) lets users to watch their favorite content on apps like Netflix and HBO Max, as well as shop on Amazon. But like any internet-connected device released nowadays, the Firestick requires regular updates to run properly and unlock new features.

By default, your Firestick should check for updates automatically every day. But if you want to check for updates yourself, you just need to open the Settings menu.

How to update your Amazon Fire Stick

1. Turn on your Firestick and get to the home screen, then select the Settings option - depending on your Firestick, it might just look like a gear icon.

2. In Settings, scroll and click on the My Fire TV tab. On some Firesticks, you might see Device or System instead.

The Settings menu on an Amazon Firestick, with the My Fire TV option highlighted.
Head to My Fire TV.

3. In the menu that opens, click About and then scroll down to Check for Updates. You'll see a note on the right side of the page telling you what version of the OS your Firestick is running, and the last time it checked for an update.

4. Click Check for Updates to see if your device is up to date. If an Install Update option appears, it means that there's an update available for you. If it just says Your Fire TV is up to date, you're running the latest software.

The "Check for Updates" screen on an Amazon Firestick.
Your Firestick should be checking for updates every day.

5. If the Install Update option appears, select it. Your Firestick should turn off, and then turn back on a few minutes later with the update installed.

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