Dominion says there’s no ‘realistic possibility’ that they will settle their lawsuits with Rudy Giuliani, Mike Lindell, or Sidney Powell given the ‘devastating harm’ they’ve done to the company

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Dominion Voting Systems says there is no "realistic possibility" that they will settle lawsuits with Rudy Giuliani (left), MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell (middle) and Sidney Powell (right).
  • Dominion Voting Systems says there's no "realistic possibility" of settling their defamation lawsuit with Rudy Giuliani, Sidney Powell, and Mike Lindell.
  • The company said the trio's voter fraud conspiracy theories have caused "devastating harm" to their business.
  • MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell told Insider on Tuesday that he will "never settle" with Dominion either.

Dominion Voting Systems said this week in a court filing that there is no "realistic possibility" they will settle their $1.3 billion defamation lawsuit with MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell and former Trump lawyers Rudy Giuliani and Sidney Powell. 

The company made its position clear in a new filing on Monday night as part of the company's lawsuits against the trio for pushing an array of false conspiracy theories that the election technology company manipulated the results of the 2020 election.

"Given the devastating harm to Plaintiffs, the lack of remorse shown by Defendants, and the fact that many of them continue to double down on their lies, Plaintiffs do not believe any realistic possibility of settlement exists," lawyers for the company wrote in the filing. 

In the same filing, lawyers representing Powell and Giuliani reiterated their positions that their claims about Dominion's role in the election didn't meet the legal standard for defamation.

"Powell and Giuliani are open to settlement discussions once discovery is complete and Dominion realizes that its claims are without merit and that it has no damages legally attributable to Powell and Giuliani," the filing read. "Powell and Giuliani have nothing to show remorse for and dispute that they have lied about anything."

The claims were made in a joint filing where the parties proposed a schedule to US District Judge Carl J. Nichols, who is overseeing Dominion's array of defamation lawsuits, to move the cases forward. In August, Nichols denied attempts from Powell, Giuliani, and Lindell to dismiss Dominion's lawsuits against them. He later consolidated the case so that they would move to trial together.

Lawyers for both Powell and Giuliani said in the filing that they plan to participate in discovery for the lawsuits, though Giuliani's attorneys said the FBI currently has possession of his digital files. The FBI raided his Manhattan apartment and office last year for a separate investigation into whether he broke lobbying laws.

Lindell has refused to participate in the discovery process. He told Insider Tuesday night he plans to appeal Nichols' denial of his motion to dismiss the lawsuit all the way to the Supreme Court.

Lindell said he would "never settle" with Dominion and is countersuing the company for $1.6 billion. 

"They are prison bound! They are trying to cover up their crimes and committing more crimes in the process!" Lindell told Insider, claiming that "many new charges and lawsuits" will be brought against Dominion in the "next two to three weeks." 

Since Dominion filed its lawsuits against them in early 2021, Giuliani and Lindell have continued to double down on their baseless claims of voter fraud. 

In December, Giuliani made an unsubstantiated claim that he has proof to validate the conspiracy theory that dead people voted in the 2020 election. However, the Trump ally has not produced the evidence or said where he obtained the death certificates.

Meanwhile, Lindell continues to push voter fraud conspiracy theories. In January, voting systems company Smartmatic also sued Lindell for defamation, calling him "crazy like a fox" and alleging he "intentionally stoked the fires of xenophobia and party divide for the noble purpose of selling his pillows."

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