Billie Eilish and Amazon teamed up for a new limited-edition Echo Studio smart speaker – you can preorder now for $230

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The Billie Eilish Echo Studio on a glass table in a living room
The Billie Eilish Echo Studio is now available for preorder.
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You can now preorder an Echo Studio designed specifically for Billie Eilish fans. The smart speaker costs $230 and features an image of the Grammy-winning artist on the device's fabric covering.

The Billie Eilish Echo Studio also comes with a six-month trial of Amazon Music Unlimited. The speaker will be officially released on October 14. Even though the Echo Studio features Eilish's face, the voice of Alexa remains the same.

This new Echo Studio could be a good gift idea for anyone who loves Billie Eilish's music, but its appeal doesn't go much further than that. Looking for even more music listening options? Check out Insider's breakdown of the best smart speakers.

Billie Eilish Echo Studio price and release date

You can now preorder the Billie Eilish Echo Studio on Amazon. The smart speaker costs $230, and October 14 is the expected release date.

The standard Echo Studio is $30 cheaper at $200. Both versions support high-quality audio formats like Dolby Atmos spatial audio, HD, and Ultra HD music. This sets them apart from Amazon's standard Echo, which delivers less robust audio performance with smaller drivers.

Billie Eilish Limited Edition Echo Studio (small)Echo Studio (small)

What's different about the Billie Eilish Echo Studio?

Billie Eilish holding the Billie Eilish Echo Studio
Billie Eilish with her limited-edition Echo Studio in hand.

The fabric design on the Billie Eilish Echo Studio features the cover art for the musician's "Happier Than Ever" album. In addition, the limited-edition smart speaker comes with six months of Amazon Music Unlimited. Amazon's music streaming service typically costs $10 a month ($8 a month with Prime).

That said, all of the changes found on this special Echo Studio are purely aesthetic. The device does not appear to have different features or internal parts compared to the standard Echo Studio released in 2019.

Like the regular Echo Studio, the limited-edition model comes equipped with five speaker drivers in total: a 5.25-inch woofer, a 1-inch tweeter, and three 2-inch mid-range drivers. The speakers inside the Echo Studio are more powerful than the 0.8-inch tweeter and 3-inch woofer in the basic Echo.

Billie Eilish Limited Edition Echo Studio (small)

Should you preorder the Billie Eilish Echo Studio?

The holiday shopping season is right around the corner, and this high-end smart speaker could be a good gift for big Billie Eilish fans. The included Amazon Music Unlimited trial also makes it a good deal for music lovers.

Insider's review of the Echo Studio found that the smart speaker gives you a quality listening experience at home for a reasonable price. We expect performance on this model to be exactly the same.

That said, buyers shopping for a smart speaker who aren't huge Billie Eilish fans are definitely better off saving $30 and going for the regular Echo Studio. And people who don't care as much about premium audio quality are better off going with the cheaper Echo or Echo Dot.

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