Amazon’s Ring Video Doorbells are 30% off for Prime Day 2020 — 3 popular models are still available

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Ring Doorbell

Amazon is shaving 30% off all of its Ring Video Doorbells for Amazon Prime Day 2020. This includes its latest standard Video Doorbell, which usually starts at $100 and has pretty much every feature you'd want in a smart doorbell. 

The company is also offering deals on more advanced models, like the Video Doorbell 3 and the Video Doorbell Pro. There's also a Video Doorbell 3 bundle with the Amazon Echo Show 5 that looks very tempting. 

Speaking from personal experience, a video doorbell is a massive upgrade. Being able to see what's happening or who is at the door from anywhere in the world via a mobile phone offers almost indispensable peace of mind. 

You may use the Ring Video Doorbells without the Ring Protect plans. Free usage gets you alerts, livestreaming, and two-way audio. However, the basic Ring Protect plan and the Protect Plus plans are essentially extra storage options for video recordings so that you can review a captured event later if you miss the alert.

The basic Ring Protect plan costs $3 per month and lets you record and share captured video from motion detection and doorbell rings for up to 60 days. It'll also store photos for seven days from a single device.

The Ring Protect Plus plan costs $10 per month and comes with unlimited video storage for an unlimited number of Ring devices. If you have the Ring Alarm, you may already have this plan, as it also encompasses monitoring and cellular backup for that device.

The standard (and newest) Ring Video Doorbell was released in 2020. It can record and stream 1080p footage and comes with improved motion detection, privacy zone settings, and better night vision compared to the original first-generation Ring Video Doorbell.

Being a smart doorbell, you can stream, control, and speak with visitors via the Ring app on mobile devices. You can also use existing doorbell wiring if your home has it, or the Ring Video Doorbell can be powered by an on-board rechargeable battery. 

As far as deals go, it's a great entry-level option that lets you test the waters of adding smart devices to your home. Even though the Ring Video Doorbell has entry-level pricing, especially with this $70 Amazon Prime Day deal, it's advanced and features enough to be sufficient for the vast majority of people wanting to get a better idea of who or what is lingering outside their front door. 

The Ring Video Doorbell 3 offers somewhat more advanced features than the standard Video Doorbell above. Video resolution is the same at 1080p, but the video's field-of-view is slightly wider with an extra five degrees. It can connect to a 5GHz Wi-Fi network, which is better suited for video streaming and could make for a better video stream when you watch on your mobile device. Like the standard doorbell, it can be powered by existing wiring or a rechargeable battery pack. 

The 30% deal is good to have if you're after those upgrades. Otherwise, you'll be just as well off with the standard model above. 

The Ring Video Doorbell Pro is an older model, but comes with a feature that some may find worthwhile — it can record four seconds of footage leading up to an event that triggers motion detection to provide a better idea of what actually triggered it. It's also sleeker than the traditional Ring Doorbell design.

With all that said, there are some caveats. It needs existing wiring for power, and motion detection works between 15 and 30 feet, whereas the non-Pro models detect motion between five and 30 feet. 

It was $169 during Prime Day last year, and they've matched that price again in 2020. If you always thought Ring's standard Video Doorbells were bulky, the Pro is for you.

The Peephole Camera from Ring is basically a smart peephole and ideal for apartment dwellers. It's designed to replace your existing peephole, which Ring says should only take five minutes and won't require drilling or wiring. The camera can be easily removed and taken to another apartment, too — just make sure to keep your original peephole. It does nearly everything a standard Ring Video Doorbell does and includes 1080p video resolution, two-way voice, motion detection, and send alerts to your mobile device when someone rings. 

The $70 Prime Day price for the Ring Peephole Camera is a good deal if you've been eyeing it for the added convenience and peace of mind that a smart doorbell may provide for your apartment.

Among other uses and features, the Echo Show 5 can act as a sort of companion for the Ring Video Doorbell. When someone presses your doorbell, a video feed from the Video Doorbell 3 appears, and you can talk to a visitor through the Echo Show 5. 

The $150 deal for the bundle is tempting, especially since it's only $10 more than the Ring Video Doorbell 3 on its own. For an extra $10, you might as well get an Echo Show 5. Check out what you can do with the Amazon Echo Show 5 here

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